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10 on 10…Ten photos taken throughout one day documenting that day and posted on the tenth of the month as an exercise in lifestyle photography. Please check out all of the great photographers in the circle.  Next up is  Jeanine Offer Krupp of Part Of Life Photography

I have to confess, mine are two days as I thought I had enough of the one day and didn't!  yikes!

One part of the day is playing with my dogs --- which while throwing the ball can turn into a literal dog fight!  to my daily drive to the barn to see my horse (who will be 30 this year)...it is his time out of the stall and having a good old roll; nothing better then that!  as well as a few scenes from around the barn.

2014-02-01_0001 2014-02-01_0002 Gustav is a Norwegian Fjord 2014-02-01_00032014-02-01_00042014-02-01_00052014-02-01_0006ah that was a great roll!


Reena Giola

Reena Giola Photography, Vail, AZ 85641