20 Days of August {life by lens}

This month snuck up on me mighty quick!  I am sitting here thinking what am I going to post for this month's life by lens?  yikes.   Looking through this last month's series of pictures, they are sort of a hodge podge;  flowers, dogs, my daughter. In case you are just tuning in Life by Lens -- it is a project I am participating in with a wonderful group of photographers where our goal each month is to document the things that are important to us.   Life by Lens will be published on the 20th of each month.   Make sure you check out all of the photographers in the circle of Life by Lens!

Make sure to check out the next fantastic photographer on the list:   Laura Dilley of Lucy Liz Images


Boomer Harley Bluebelle Texas Rangers Dog Play Sharing a moment together without the rest of the pack Arizona Sunsets are gorgeous My gorgeous daughter who is growing up WAY TOO FAST please mom, no.more.pictures. Tucker:  Even when I am trying to nap she takes my pictures.  whatever. monsoon storm at sunset a beauty



Reena Giola

Reena Giola Photography, Vail, AZ 85641