After Dark Workshop/Conference | Tucson and Vail Photography

I was so blessed this weekend to be able to attend this awesome event which was held here in Tucson.  After Dark is an intensive 72 hours of learning....all things business, image critiques, question and answer sessions and of course, shooting.   You have the opportunity to learn from some of the top photographers out there.  I wanted to be with everyone of these photographers for different reasons, but there is just not enough time in the day to do so! :( (unless I could have spilt myself into about 4 or 5 parts) The first day starts off listening to different photographers talk about business practices (you pick who you want to listen to) I sat with Julie Klaasmeyer (she is so incredible nice) who's newborns/children work I admire.  In the evening I followed Brian DeMint around (along with a bunch of others, LOL) and it was amazing to see what he could do with just regular old shop lights; then fell into the group with Kevin Focht learning about OCF (off camera flash).  It was great at that point as my lightbulb was starting to go off in regards to it how it all works together.  On Monday the day started with Julie Klaasmeyer's newborn workshop (along with Valerie Tabor Smith and Julia Kelleher).  My afternoon was a split version between the Rock the Pose with Kevin Hudson and Beth Forester (Anthony got to be a model this day! I got a few shots of him from this workshop)  and the rest of the time was spent back in the baby room!

In the evening I was able to listen to Kevin Hudson on What type of light do I Use? AWESOME!  The next session was with  Jordan Chan with OCF (THANK YOU Jordan!!) He is just awesome to work with, really makes you think it through.   After the 'class' two other ladies and I went off with Jordan to work on more OCF which was incredibly fun and a wonderful learning experience.

Tuesday's first session was then spent with Jordan again but this time working outside with the flash in sun (backlit subject)....OCF is finally clicking!  Afternoon was spent listening to Kevin Focht.  I learned quite a bit in this session....LOVED IT!  The evening was spent watching Julia Radlick-Kelleher with dog portraits (she has the patience of a saint!)

The rest of the time was just spent wandering around and hanging out.  It was hard to believe the three days went by so quickly.  I had about 8 hours of sleep Sunday through Wednesday, but honestly you almost don't care, it's so much fun...After Dark makes it a great learning experience.





Reena Giola

Reena Giola Photography, Vail, AZ 85641