Arizona Sunsets | Tucson and Vail Arizona Photography

I LOVE sunsets (and sunrises) the clouds are what really make the images....and catching the light right after the sun has gone down.   I have the perfect spot to catch the sunset just a short walk from my house, not so for the sunrises (hence why I don't have as many of them). We went through many days of just sunsets, nothing spectacular but then the clouds showed up and yay!  the SUNSETS were back!

Many times I am just taking the shot with my iphone for a quick posting to my Facebook page, but then I do get those days where I bring the big camera...I need to do that more often (I have TONS of photos on my iphone!)

I always think of it as God's painting the sky for our pleasure.  In I remember once in church mass was at sunset and during the homily the sky was just blazing outside of the windows....the priest made a mention of the sky and we all turned to look outside at God's painting.  It was so beautiful.

Here are just a few of my recents, Enjoy!

My biggest tip---ALWAYS look behind you, sometimes you will be pleasantly surprised.

Sunsets from November and the view behind me ( looking eastward) the same night

December Sunrise it wasn't anything worth capturing that morning but then I turned to look to the west and wowsers....look what was there!

January Sunset (Jan 20th 2012)

and this is from last night (1/20)  but looking east (behind me)  the bright dot is the moon

earlier in the month.

Hope you enjoyed a small glimpse into our gorgeous sunsets here in Arizona!

Reena Giola

Reena Giola Photography, Vail, AZ 85641