Beauty and the Red Dress | Tucson and Vail Arizona Photography

After having Olivia in my wedding dress a week or so ago, I went on a hunt to find her some dressy dresses.   There is a fine line on what is appropriate for her to wear; I mean she is only 11 years old.  So finding something that would be 'fun' for her yet not too too grown up is quite challenging. Here is the red dress (2nd hand store find) and she loves wearing the 3" spike heels (not that she can walk in them that well! LOL)

We started off with natural light about 20 mins before sunset

then up to the small hill for some Off Camera Flash

and to finish, Silhouettes

Here is big brother carrying her down the slope so she doesn't fall and hurt herself:

and here is from the other week with her in the fancy blue dress (I got this one for $7.50!)

Reena Giola

Reena Giola Photography, Vail, AZ 85641