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There is really nothing better then brotherly love, well most of the time.   Except for if they put you in a headlock and even then it is with a lot of love.  These two brothers were great and I totally enjoyed photographing them.   Older brother has just started college and the younger one is a rambunctious 9 year old who had me laughing at his antics.    He was worried before the photo shoot about me being nice...we laid that worry to rest right up front (I am super nice!) I love photographing siblings--the interactions, the antics, the squabbles intrigue me.  I was an only child so I didn't get to have that interaction, so I love to watch it.

We met on a Monday out at Agua Caliente Park and had it to ourselves.  What a fun time!!

Family Photography of Brothers
Family Photography of Brothers
Keaton and Prestley-6
Keaton and Prestley-10
Keaton and Prestley-16
Keaton and Prestley-26
Keaton and Prestley-36
Children Photography -  Keaton and Prestley-46
Keaton and Prestley-80
Keaton and Prestley-85
Keaton and Prestley-97
Keaton and Prestley-99
Keaton and Prestley-106

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