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Chico is a 17 year young Chihuahua mix.  We met on a very nice December afternoon at the U of A.1. Chico, being 17 years was a bit hard of hearing and his eyesight wasn't the greatest. 2. But we became fast friends (especially once he knew I had yummy treats)! 3. We took it easy with his session and let him guide us on what he would or wouldn't allow.   He was tender to the touch to Ms. J was quite overcome with happiness that he allowed her to hold him at the end of the session (as he used to be quite the lap dog -- but hadn't been in quite awhile).   I am so glad I was able to capture those moments for her.

Tucson Pet Photography2014-04-10_00122014-04-10_00132014-04-10_00142014-04-10_00152014-04-10_00162014-04-10_00172014-04-10_00182014-04-10_00192014-04-10_00212014-04-10_00202014-04-10_00222014-04-10_0023Make sure you take the time to remember your furry little one....whether it is a picture you take or you go to a professional  photographer 

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