Couple in love | Tucson and Vail Arizona Couples Photography

Oh my goodness, this couple is so much in love!  She 'won' this photography at the local school's silent auction.  "A" called me a few months before the actual session to schedule....we talked about clothing, locations, what they liked, etc.    The location ended up being at the University of Arizona as they both went there and that is where they met, how awesome is that? It was such a pleasure to photograph these two.  They were so much in love in just flowed out....I hope you can feel the love, I know I could!  They were so cute as they took every opportunity to kiss.  I finally wised up to the fact that as soon as I got the shot and they thought it was over, that they were going to I got a couple of those 'spontaneous' ones, captured!

We had the BEST weather for this session; just warm enough so you didn't need a jacket yet not so hot (Tucson hot) that we were sweating was perfection!!

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Reena Giola

Reena Giola Photography, Vail, AZ 85641