Empire High School 2013 Senior Portrait | Tucson and Vail Arizona Senior Photography

I know, I know....senior photos already? I feel that way too as the subject in the photos is my son. I remember vividly back to June of 2000....I was very much pregnant with my daughter Olivia and was attending Anthony's pre-school graduation. Hung up on a banner was Class of 2013. That seemed so far far away; yet here it is, his senior year. I can't believe how fast the time has flown, that it is now time for him to be a senior. What I love about seniors? It is the start of the rest of their lives. Off to college, military, vocational school....I love playing a small part in it by capturing how they are, at this time in their lives, the last year of high school.

So here is Anthony...pre-senior (ok, school starts in July so he is technically a senior). I just love this kid. He has been my side-kick and helper these last two years.

We headed to downtown Tucson, right around the Old Artisan area for the session. I love the area down there, it's very urban but with the gorgeous colors that Tucson is famous so. Very southwest! We finished up with a lite dinner at La Cocina Restaurant.

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Reena Giola

Reena Giola Photography, Vail, AZ 85641