Family full of fun and love | Tucson and Vail Arizona Family Photography

1. This family is not only full of fun and love but they are one of my favorites! 2. They were the first family I had ever photographed

3. They are missing their oldest daughter as she is away at college.

4. I just love them, they are so much fun.  The plus is our daughters have been friends since kindergarten!

5. Each person in this family is either GORGEOUS or HANDSOME which equals a beautifully stunning family!

We met on a gorgeous afternoon in December to capture the family at the local golf course, Rancho Del Lago seemed a little off without the oldest one there but we knew she was there in spirit! Missed you Ms. A!


I mean really? Aren't they fun?!  The kids were all about silly pictures....I indulged!


This one of Ms. H cracks me up!


Mr T. has the most stunning blue eyes, just like his mama!


I just love Mom/Daughter portraits and they both have stunning eyes!


Isn't Miss "J" stunningly a supermodel?  She is just the sweetest young lady....


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Reena Giola

Reena Giola Photography, Vail, AZ 85641