Family Vacation {Life by Lens}

Ahh, family has been 3 years since we went on one, way too long.   This time, we were missing our oldest one, Anthony as he had to work :(     So while we had a great time and made terrific memories, it was a bit sad with him not with us. We headed off to Disneyland for a one day adventure of fun!  Then drove down to the San Diego area with a stop in Newport Beach and Birch Aquarium at Scripps on the way down.

This is a massive post (I am totally oversharing) so maybe grab a cup of coffee or tea and come back to see all of the images! :)

Do make sure you check out all of the photographers in the circle -- next up is my friend and one heck of an awesome photographer, Sally of SallyKate Photography, located in Dallas, Texas.

We start off with Disneys California Adventure.   We were there early....they let you into the park (to a certain point)

IMG_2254IMG_2255IMG_6776IMG_2257 I love this rideIMG_2259 inside the 'hotel'IMG_2261IMG_6778IMG_6782 Joey never looks thrilledIMG_2266 At Disneyland IMG_2272 my favorite rideIMG_2274 my other favoriteIMG_2292 IMG_6790IMG_6802IMG_6804

Newport Beach DSC_4831DSC_4832DSC_4840DSC_4847DSC_4856DSC_4860DSC_4864DSC_4870DSC_4874 Birch Aquarium DSC_4889 Leafy SeahorseDSC_4920 Sea Dragon DSC_4932 jelliesDSC_4945 Coast line from Birch Aquarium DSC_4951DSC_4960DSC_4984

USS MidwayDSC_4998DSC_5000DSC_5014DSC_5026DSC_5037DSC_5044DSC_5047DSC_5050DSC_5064 Harbor Cruise DSC_5081DSC_5088DSC_5104DSC_5107DSC_5112 San Diego DSC_5145DSC_5157DSC_5166DSC_5172 Pacific Beach, San Diego DSC_5185DSC_5217-Edit La Jolla DSC_5225DSC_5232DSC_5241Little crab we found at the tidepoolsDSC_5293 seals (California Harbor Seals I believe)

DSC_5308 baby sea gulls DSC_5319

and the night we came home, a gorgeous sunset mondayjuly14rz

Reena Giola

Reena Giola Photography, Vail, AZ 85641