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Fun times when I can get my daughter to pose for a mini photo session! Ok, I admit it....there is bribery....and lots of new clothes for her.I enjoy trying new things with her when she is game (key word there -- WHEN)  I had a different vision in mind but when she came out dressed like this I was like 'ok' this is totally going to work!. She is the cutest 'cowgirl' isn't she?

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Senior Fun Photo Session BK7A5790rzBK7A5792rzBK7A5793rzBK7A5795rzBK7A5796rz

She is so freakin' photogenic BK7A5798rz I am constantly amazed at how the camera loves her (ok I love her alot too) my baby is growing up too fast....coming up onto 14 soon and high school

Senior PortraitsBK7A5804rz

I really wanted a sunset shot but without clouds it can be kind of boring so we had to wait a few days: I think it was worth it The fun part of doing my own sessions is playing around with different processing

Senior Sunset Photo Session BK7A5859rz

Reena Giola

Reena Giola Photography, Vail, AZ 85641