Life by Lens {June} | Tucson, Vail Photography

My June Life by Lens post is of a few celebrations we had this beautiful daughter turning 14 (say what?! I am sure it was just yesterday she was 5!) and my beautiful pooches, Boomer and Bluebelle turning 5!!  (another Say What?! -- no way! They are just puppies, right?) Sadly neither of them are babies anymore.   The rest of the images are of my dog pack, my middle son, Joey (cause he never gets in front of the camera) and our beautiful skies here in AZ. Life by Lens is a project I’m participating in with a group of photographers from across the country. On the 20th of each month we post some personal pictures.    Next up in the circle is Stephanie from Lemmonmade Photography.  She is located in Lake Orion, MI. 



BK7A0350rz Party time with some Holi Powder BK7A0704

BK7A0767BK7A0779 our new thing to do --- face smash with the cake (or in this instance, cupcakes!) BK7A0804BK7A0816


The birthday pooches BK7A0566RZ


The packBK7A0681rz


My middle child, Joey.  BK7A0572rz

Sunset one of the nights we were at soccer camp

photo2 Sunrise ..... gorgeous view while out for a walk (yes at 5am or so) photo3an awesome June sunset


Reena Giola

Reena Giola Photography, Vail, AZ 85641