Life by Lens -- Spring Time in Arizona | Tucson and Vail Photography

Spring Time!  sneeze, achoo!!  We didn't have much of winter (no polar vortex for us, thank you very much)! Our trees and plants were a tad confused at the warm winter and our very dry spring so far.   But none the less, they are blooming (and so are our allergies!)

I do love driving down the road and see the trees covered in yellow flowers. so pretty!

Life by Lens is a project I’m participating in with a group of photographers from across the country. On the 20th of each month (or, in this case, the 21st) we post some personal pictures.

Next up on the blog circle is Stephanie Lemmon of Lemmonade Photography  based in Lake Orion, Mi.

Desert Plant Life, New Growth 2014-04-16_00032014-04-16_0002 of course, you know I have to put in a sunset! :)


Reena Giola

Reena Giola Photography, Vail, AZ 85641