Loss {Life by Lens}

My heart is broken this week.....my beloved horse, Gustav, passed away Sept 18th.   It was sudden as it always seems to be with horses (colic).   One is never ever ready for something like this.   I console myself with the fact that he lived to a ripe old age of 30+, was healthy up to the end, was extremely well loved and now is very much missed. I could kick myself though -- why?  I of course didn't take many pictures of him the last few years...and here I am a photographer, a pet photographer at that!  So my advice, please please please, take the time to take pictures of your beloved pets.

I was so incredibly blessed to have this wonderful guy in my life 16 years (Longer than I have had my daughter!)

I am going to miss going out to the barn, hearing him nicker and call to me....he knew when I had arrived by the sound of my truck.   All of those little tiny things that you don't think of, I am missing right now.

These were taken early in the year --

2014-02-01_00032014-02-01_00042014-02-01_00052014-02-01_0006ah that was a great roll!


2014-02-01_0008Make sure you check out the other fantastic photographer's in the circle.    Next up is the amazing Sally Molhoek who is located in Dallas, Texas   SALLYKATE PHOTOGRAPHY

Reena Giola

Reena Giola Photography, Vail, AZ 85641