Motion {Life by Lens} | Tucson, Vail Arizona Photography

Life by Lens -- We decided to try Motion for a theme this month.   This one had me a bit stumped so I wasn't sure what I was going to do and still may change my mind at the end (or when my assignment is due) Make sure you check out the next great photographer in the blog circle:  Lucia Wilke Photography

So onto Motion ---  Long hair is fun

Studio shot of Motion









So is playing with your dog pack:

UV7A8103 The chase to get what the other one has causes motion


UV7A8107 Still Motion:  Watching the others go after the object of fun (in this case a small rock I tossed)





Out for a running against the setting sun

dog and girl running in silhouette

Reena Giola

Reena Giola Photography, Vail, AZ 85641