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Last year at about this time I decided to try (for about the 3rd time) a 365 Project.   I of course started in December instead of the brand new year.   I was successful this time!  I am very proud that I took a picture everyday, whether it was with my big girl camera or my iphone!!   Having started in December vs the new year,  it gives me this December to reflect back on the year and to decide if I want to try and tackle the project again next year.    During this year I lost my beloved horse and just last week, our oldest dog.    It has been a sad ending to 2014 for our family. Oh! I am not going to post the entire year in pictures!!

Here is the link to my album on Flickr -- I made weekly collages (52 of them) My 365 Set of Images

and my very first week in picturesMy 365 Project - Week 1

as well as my very last week in pictures

My 365 Project -- Week 52

Reena Giola

Reena Giola Photography, Vail, AZ 85641