Nichole Van "Life as Art" In Person Pro Workshop | Tucson and Vail Photography

I had a terrific 3 days attending the Nichole Van's Life as Art In Person Pro Workshop. It was held in San Diego, Ca. this past week. Perfect weather. Wonderful class full of super nice people including Nichole herself. She is so incredibly down to earth, holds nothing back. Answers any of your questions, honestly. Helpful. Informative. Educational. Completely professional and keeps to her schedule that is outlined the first day. Not to mention FUN! With lots of interaction with the students and teacher as well as a lot of laughs! My head is spinning with all the information I learned. I knew quite a bit of it, but it was refreshing to hear it again...that way it cemented the information into my head.

The first day is spent going over the basics; it may be basic but it is all the information one needs to be a technically great photographer! Nichole is great at explaining, makes it so easy to follow along and understand. So whether you are experienced or just beginning, you will get it.

The second day after our morning 'quiz' we got down to work learning more about light and composition and finished the day with a model shoot. Since the workshop was held right before Olivia's 12th birthday, we made it into a family/birthday trip. Olivia was gracious about being one of the models for the day as well as two adorable little girls who modeled clothing from Eden's Bouquet, an online store of high end children's clothing. Stunning I might add.

The third day was spent going over what we learned as well as talking about editing and watching Nichole edit some photos from the previous day. Her shots out of camera are stunning! They really don't need any editing but by the time they ARE edited, they are drop dead gorgeous!

I was so sad to see the end of the workshop! Nichole plans so well with the comfort of her students in mind. She not only provides information regarding vendors that she uses but has a ton of food/drinks available during the workshop for her students. Not to mention she provided us with yummy catered lunches!

Now to save up my pennies and attend her lighting workshop! :)

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Reena Giola

Reena Giola Photography, Vail, AZ 85641