Personal Projects 2014 [life by lens]

So as the year was wrapping I decided to tackle a few personal projects for 2014 :   a 365 (a picture a day), 12 Months for Dogs (a group on Flickr) and 52 Weeks for Dogs (another Flickr group).    At the end of the 2013 wrapped up my 52 weeks for Dogs with Boomer CLICK HERE TO SEE IT   It was gratifying to have finished the project yet at the same time bittersweet -- the year went by so fast....many of the group members lost their project dogs (I cried many a tear) So you ask, what are you going to post this month, right? I know you are wondering....

I am 8 weeks into my 365 (started on December 1st) so you will get to see 7 blog collages (nope not 49 separate images -- big sigh of relief)

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2013-12-08_00012013-12-16_0002week 3 of 3652013-12-28_00012014-01-05_00012014-01-12_0001


My first three weeks of 52 Weeks for Dogs with Harley

BK7A0680RZBK7A0767rzweek 3_BK7A0992rz and my 12 Months for Dogs:  You post a picture once a month (can do once a week if you want but only one counts for the month)

Boomer --



Reena Giola

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