Sunsets in Arizona {life by lens} | Tucson and Vail Photography

Sunsets in Arizona are just gorgeous.   Sunday night was just spectacular.  I can never ever get tired of looking at them.

Life by Lens is a project I’m participating in with a group of photographers from across the country. On the 20th of each month (or, in this case, the 21st) we post some personal pictures. Please check out the next fantastic photographer in the circle, JoAnna of JoAnna Robbins Photography (well after you have looked at all of my pictures of course)! :) 

Arizona desert Sunset Sunday night  2014-05-19_0003

Down at the U of A during a fantastic sunset (taken on University St) 2014-05-19_0004 not every sunset is full over color.....this one was more about cloud formation and light rays2014-05-19_0005 The same sunset but with Harley 16_BK7A8237RZ have to have at least one with the cactus and shot of our gorgeous afternoon skies with a blooming Palo Verde tree.  2014-05-19_0001

Reena Giola

Reena Giola Photography, Vail, AZ 85641