Sweet Sixteen | Tucson and Vail Arizona Childrens Photography

Sweet Sixteen --- what a great age....not quite the child anymore but on the cusp of being a young adult.  They want that independence and yet still need their Mom and Dad. Mom asked me to get some pictures of J before they went out to eat that night for her birthday dinner.  We started off over at their house with J getting the pleasure of sitting in Dad's oh so cool sports car.   J had invited 5 of her friends to go out with her to celebrate.

We then headed over to the golf course for some more pictures.    Such great weather (even though there was a bit of a storm coming in)....and aren't they just the sweetest family?  So beautiful!

What a stunning group of teenagers, wow!  Helping each other down the slight slope...since they are in those mile high heels!  (so jealous I can't wear them!) BFF's... LOVE IT! Are they not the most beautiful family?! I think so! LOVE THIS!! Totally nothing like Mom and Daughter love.... or a handsome Dad and his GORGEOUS daughter!


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Reena Giola

Reena Giola Photography, Vail, AZ 85641