The Exhibit Project ---- Together | Tucson and Vail Arizona Photography

The Exhibit Project came about as part of Creative Live’s reSTARt with Jasmine Star.  A group of international photographers coming together to encourage one another,  a blogging group was started to encourage blogging and to network together (the project was spearheaded by Sharina Wunderink Photography). This is the second of 12 months in this project. It is called Exhibit and the topic for this month 'Together'.    I missed starting last month with 'Beginnings' (what a perfect opening theme for the Exhibit Project) "Together" comes in many forms in my life----

Dog Pile at the front door New kitten bonding with the older one while watching the birds Little sister sending her older brother off to the senior prom A group of friends going stag (and being totally goofy) to the Prom and the best yet?  when your hubby finally comes home from deployment.   Please take the time to visit some of the other great photographer blogs in the Exhibit Project.  Next up is Angela Clouse Photography who is located in Los Angeles, CA.   and another fantastic photographer located here in Tucson,  Marcelle Calder Photography

Reena Giola

Reena Giola Photography, Vail, AZ 85641