1. Senior Photos:  I was told I have to use a particular photography studio for senior yearbook photo, can I still use you?
   YES!!   A lot of schools have one studio do all the yearbook photos so there is a uniform cohesive look to them (exception is some of our smaller high schools).    Your senior photo session with me will be all about you - your personality, what you like, etc.

2.  What should I wear?
    Wear what you like and are comfortable in.   I do suggest not to wear neon bright colors, shirts with large graphics (logos) on them (one or two shots is ok).  You can change numerous times (for seniors) so also using layers and accessories to change up your look helps a lot.  For families, I suggest for mom to pick out her outfit and then coordinate everyone's around it.  Pull colors out of your outfit for the boys and another for the girls.   Remember solids are best with only one person wearing a pattern (too many patterns and they clash)

3.   How long will my session last?
     Most sessions last about an hour (seniors go a bit longer).   If you have little ones, the session may be shorter as they tire easily.  

4.   How long will it be after the session before I see my images?
      I try to only schedule one session per weekend so I can devote my time to you, the client, and get your images back to you ASAP!  I don't make you wait weeks to see them.   Occasionally I do have back to back sessions and it may take a bit longer.

5.   How many images will I receive?
      Each session I do is unique.  I make no guarantees to the exact number you will receive.   You will receive all of the ones that I deem to be the best of the best, edited and ready to print.  

6.  Are the digital files included in the session price?
     My focus is for you to have beautiful images for you to display.  If you are concerned about having a copy of your digital "negative" so that you alway have a way to reprint the image, I keep your files backed up just in case.  For Wall Art purchased (sizes 16 x 24 and larger) I include an archival digital negative (sized for prints 8x10 and smaller) as well a social media file.  

If you need the file for your yearbook, I will send the image file to the school or the person in charge of the yearbook.  

I am very proud of my work, the quality of my images in print and viewed online.   I print my work at professional labs (printers are calibrated) which my monitor is calibrated to and are printed and mounted on archival paper.